Thursday, March 06, 2008

Identity Curriculum Technology links

wikis and currikis - online community used to develop and share open source knowledge and curriculum

Wikispaces --
PB Wiki --
Curriki -- http://www.curriki.or

blogs - web journals for teachers and students

Education Blogs --
Blogmeister --
Google's Blogger (blogspot) --

ipod extras - using portable players for quizzes, notes, references, news feeds

ipod in education --
iPrep Press --

podcasting - audio (and visual) storytelling for learning, review, expression

Zencast --

Variety of podcasts --

Variety of podcasts --

tags and social bookmarking - labels on web entries and web-published bookmarks for easy access and sharing
Delicious --
Digg --

Technorati --

online communities (com/unities) and forums - many kinds, some to join, others to watch, others to mine for curriculum and inspiration -- add community to your google search

Technology, Entertainment, Design --

Amateur musicians sharing work --
Historical Recreation --
Teacher's forum --

Matching goals with others --

online conferencing and collaboration - shared documents, video/online classroom tools, communities focussed on contribution (other than wikis)
Virtual Conferencing --

Collaborative Editing --

Amateur writing community --

youtube on education

Session Handout
Great Primer on Web 2.0
TechLearning New Literacy