Friday, October 29, 2004

OSX workshop links

We looked at iphoto, itunes, imovie and a few other apps
We looked at a few tools for using tech in the classroom:
Create a blog
Educational use of blogs
Fan Fiction blogs & wikis
Apple Learning - lessons and unit plans

Monday, October 18, 2004

English & Planning Students!

To avoid confusion and congestion, we're starting a new location for different groups:

English 9 students, go to for English stuff
Planning 10 students, go to for Planning stuff

You can still visit this site ( for general info relevant to students and educational discussions.
Don't forget, I need your correct blog address if you want evaluation!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blogging Tips

It's a good idea to start at so you can sign in (to edit your blog instead of just lokking at blogs). Remember... you can change your settings, template, etc. once you've logged in as a "blogger" -- make sure your screen name lets us know who you are, but don't give out so much info that the bad guys can get you. If I can figure out who's posting a comment, you can't get marks for your work!

For example Marcy Brown could have mbrown for a login (only she knows this) and MarcyB for a screen name, but she shouldn't give her address or last name in her profile. You can also post audio clips and pictures. Basically, you make a link in your profile to a picture somewere on the web (there are some links for free web hosting when you edit your profile). To put a picture on a posting, you paste in the following code (if you know the web location of the picture): < img src=""> (except don't leave a space before img -- I had to so you could see it!)

Reminder -- to log in and work on your blog, click the blogger sign at the top left of any blog or go to Once you're signed in, use the tabs (posting, setteings, template...) to change your blog. Use the 'dashboard" to see all your blogs. Please use appropriate langauge in your "blogging." If you want to be gross, use a different blog that you don't share with your class!

Remember Mr. Quarenghi? Look what he's up to!

Friday, October 15, 2004

Eng9 The Snow Woman & your story

Once your class short story project is done, post it! That's right -- copy and paste it into a post on your blog for others to read and enjoy! (reminder... story due Oct 14, posting of story due by Oct. 21)

After reading "The Snow Woman" by Norah Burke (Imagine p. 41-47), answer questions 1, 2, 3, and 6 on p. 47. I have also included question #6 in case you'd like to comment online:
What do you think the author is trying to say about our attitude toward [supposedly] inferior, non-human beings?

Don't forget to let me know (online) where your blog is so we can share the wealth.

Planning 10 classmates' blog addresses

Here are your classmates' (Planning 10) blogs -- if your name is not on this list, it means you sent me nothing or the wrong address. You can click comments on this post if you still need to tell me where your blog is.
Aimee T , Amanda P , Amy M , Blair C , Brett P , Colton P , Darcy M , , Dhillon T , Garry G , Jessica F , , Jessica P , Jessica R , Jessica S , Jordan K , Julian L , Justin D , Kassie M , Kendall B , Kerc W , Kevin C , Kevin P , Kirsha B , Krystina A , Kyle M , Leah N , Leni R , Madison D , Matthew N , Nav B , Phillip B , Rachel S , Richard K , Rico dC , Samantha H , Sarah M , Sean S , Shaileen M , Shannon H , Talisa D , Tara M , Brandon D , Nic D , Brandon R , Adam M

Planning 10: Health & Wellness Assignment

Your task will involve choosing a health, social, or wellness issue on which to prepare a detailed "product" which answers some questions. This could be an individual or group assignment (max 3 per group). Steps involved:
1. pick a topic from the list below (see handout)
2. gather some initial research material to support your approach to the issue (library and internet) •generate five questions about your topic you think a teenager would want answered
3. answer these questions in simple, straight-forward language using information from reliable sources
4. present your findings in the form of a poster, display, website, video, a presentation, or something tangible that we can see or hear. Be sure your final product includes a resource list (references your sources)
5. try to make something spectacular that we can keep around the school!

As a blog addition -- post your plan on your blog -- What topic have you chosen? How are you doing the project? You can ask a question related to your topic for others to comment on. (This is one of three required posts for your unit 3 mark, due posted by Oct. 21 )

Topic ideas include: Alcohol abuse, Tobacco Use, Eating disorders, Suicide prevention, Violence in the media (TV, movies), etc. The assignment handout is also available as a pdf file -- Health Assignment

Friday, October 08, 2004

English 9 - Unit 2 Portfolio Summary

As discussed in class, you need to summarize your Unit 2 activities (just like you summarized your Unit 1 work in a 4-minute class presentation). So... this time you do it on your blog instead of in front of the class. Post a blog titled "Unit 2 Portfolio Presentation" and describe in a paragraph or so what you've done or learned during Unit 2.

You should describe work you've done, an update on the novel you're reading (from the library), the progress you've made on your short story, and/or what you've learned about reading, writing, communication, etc. during this unit. You could also include your response the the story "The Snow Woman."

Due date: post your "unit 2 portfolio presentation" on your blog by Thursday, Oct. 21st.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Planning 10: presentation summary

Hi folks... as a follow-up to your class skills presentation, please make a post on your blog which:
1. summarizes the main idea or key points of your presentation
2. suggests what you like about your own presentation
3. suggests what you might do differently if you had another opportunity (or you had more time or resources)

Post this on your blog by Thursday, Oct. 21st, please and finish by making sure you have sent me your blog address. You may also make comments on other peoples' presentations (positive or constructive) by visiting their blog.
JD plans his presentation

Monday, October 04, 2004

English 9: your first task!!!

You've all read the story MISTER BLINK (p. 44 in Resource Lines). On your own blog, tell us what you think (your critical response). Try to get at least one other person in the class to comment on what you write. Then, respond to the statement below (by clicking on comments) and also let us know the name of your blog (e.g. so we can read what you write, or email me your blog address at

Reminder -- to log in and work on your blog, click the blogger sign at the top left of any blog or go to Once you're signed in, use the tabs (posting, setteings, template...) to change your blog. Use the 'dashboard" to see all your blogs. Please use appropriate langauge in your "blogging." If you want to be gross, use a different blog that you don't share with your English class! Any blogs and comments posted by Wed., Oct. 13th will be considered for marks. Remember, sign your blogs with a name (like Marcy B) or title your blog with your name (like Marcy's English) so I can give you marks, but don't use your last name (to help protect your privacy).

Here's the statement related to the story we read in class: Agree or disagree (and say why): The "Mister Blinks" of the world (politicians who are "invented" by others) are more dangerous than the ones who grab power for themselves.