Sunday, October 17, 2004

Blogging Tips

It's a good idea to start at so you can sign in (to edit your blog instead of just lokking at blogs). Remember... you can change your settings, template, etc. once you've logged in as a "blogger" -- make sure your screen name lets us know who you are, but don't give out so much info that the bad guys can get you. If I can figure out who's posting a comment, you can't get marks for your work!

For example Marcy Brown could have mbrown for a login (only she knows this) and MarcyB for a screen name, but she shouldn't give her address or last name in her profile. You can also post audio clips and pictures. Basically, you make a link in your profile to a picture somewere on the web (there are some links for free web hosting when you edit your profile). To put a picture on a posting, you paste in the following code (if you know the web location of the picture): < img src=""> (except don't leave a space before img -- I had to so you could see it!)

Reminder -- to log in and work on your blog, click the blogger sign at the top left of any blog or go to Once you're signed in, use the tabs (posting, setteings, template...) to change your blog. Use the 'dashboard" to see all your blogs. Please use appropriate langauge in your "blogging." If you want to be gross, use a different blog that you don't share with your class!

Remember Mr. Quarenghi? Look what he's up to!