Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Election Day in BC choices

Why I want to vote Green... their platform represent the kind of society I'd like to live in: sustainable development, just and caring society, protection of resources for future generations.

Why I don't want to vote Green... under our current system it would be a vote for an ideal, but not a vote that could elect in my riding where strategy is important.

Why I want to vote Liberal... I think the carbon tax is a good start for dealing with CO2 emissions, and their promise (which is just a promise) to negotiate treaties is the right thing to do.

Why I don't want to vote Liberal... the run-of-river projects are scary, sounds like a resource sell-off, Gordo and the rest are capitalism crazy. The education minister is out to lunch and she represents my riding. The scandals don't help either.

Why I want to vote NDP... best chance to stop-and-think on the run-of-river projects, best chance to change my local representative. Balance of capitalism and socialism.

Why I don't want to vote NDP... screechy campaign, focused on bad liberals and head-in-the-sand on the carbon tax. Bad memories of Glen Clark (bring back Barrett).

Why I want to support the STV... provide better electable choices, represent a larger and more diverse voice in legislature. Cool election result to break down with a Socials class.

Why I don't want to support the STV... might mess with local representation, esp. for rural areas (although this is a problem now, too).