Friday, October 15, 2004

Planning 10: Health & Wellness Assignment

Your task will involve choosing a health, social, or wellness issue on which to prepare a detailed "product" which answers some questions. This could be an individual or group assignment (max 3 per group). Steps involved:
1. pick a topic from the list below (see handout)
2. gather some initial research material to support your approach to the issue (library and internet) •generate five questions about your topic you think a teenager would want answered
3. answer these questions in simple, straight-forward language using information from reliable sources
4. present your findings in the form of a poster, display, website, video, a presentation, or something tangible that we can see or hear. Be sure your final product includes a resource list (references your sources)
5. try to make something spectacular that we can keep around the school!

As a blog addition -- post your plan on your blog -- What topic have you chosen? How are you doing the project? You can ask a question related to your topic for others to comment on. (This is one of three required posts for your unit 3 mark, due posted by Oct. 21 )

Topic ideas include: Alcohol abuse, Tobacco Use, Eating disorders, Suicide prevention, Violence in the media (TV, movies), etc. The assignment handout is also available as a pdf file -- Health Assignment