Friday, October 08, 2004

English 9 - Unit 2 Portfolio Summary

As discussed in class, you need to summarize your Unit 2 activities (just like you summarized your Unit 1 work in a 4-minute class presentation). So... this time you do it on your blog instead of in front of the class. Post a blog titled "Unit 2 Portfolio Presentation" and describe in a paragraph or so what you've done or learned during Unit 2.

You should describe work you've done, an update on the novel you're reading (from the library), the progress you've made on your short story, and/or what you've learned about reading, writing, communication, etc. during this unit. You could also include your response the the story "The Snow Woman."

Due date: post your "unit 2 portfolio presentation" on your blog by Thursday, Oct. 21st.