Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Where I went to school... SFU

I went to SFU for teacher training in 1995 and as part of a Masters in Education in 2003. Like everyone else (I guess) I have a love/hate relationship with Erikson's architecture -- parts of the campus are inviting or inspiring, other parts are mean and confusing. My favorite spot is a wooden "deck" outside the coffee hut by the education wing (across from some drop-in labs). There is no view off the mountain (rare at SFU), only backwards into the hallway or forwards into a vinemaple & swordfern garden (see photo below). The traffic flow of people walking in to the hall/building from outside or eating/drinking/smoking on the deck made the spot interesting and dynamic. During the summer of 1995, I lived in a tent in the bush off the end of a parking lot. I had a parking pass, so I could throw the tent in the back of my beat-up Toyota every morning and head for the shower in the Education Wing gym. I had a nice stretch of level ground, lots of berries, and was only bugged a few times by deer, coyotes, and an Anthropology class laying out a practice grid with strings and stakes.

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Candice said...

I found your blog through a Groundhog Day link (under "Favorite Movies"). I was curious about people who liked that movie, so I went surfing looking at their blogs. It's a pretty interesting group, just as I thought it would be. I'm an anthropologist. I also did the grad school thing. Keep up your blog, write lots in it -- I may be back!