Saturday, August 05, 2006

summer before you know it

To beat the clock, I've continued my school year ritual of rising early to get stuff done before anyone awakes. Now I've banished school worries for the summer time, and have used this time rather selfishly to watch movies and tv shows. Movies so far: bronx tale, capote, casanova, fargo, godfather series, green mile, junebug, match point, prime, red eye, and syriana. For tv: Carnivale season 1 and 2, Deadwood season 3, next will be Lost and Entourage. I'll put these shows on half the screen and flip through related websites, email, or read ezines on the other half of the screen. Headphones in, everyone else sleeping, cat on a cushion and the first cup off the coffee pot beside me, maybe yoghurt with saskatoons; I'd say this is a pretty good if self indulgent way to start a summer day. It's either that or go swimming.

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Anonymous said...

Well, well, well, imagine a site from the-man-who-screams-like-a-girl. Must be nice to dream of driving to a fishy river in a Wagoneer with St Croix (Crap) rod in the back.
My wife says she'll buy me a Loop Yellow line travel rod in Spring if I behave. Ha ha to you, Mr. Smarmy Pants.
And I've agreed to purchase a fine Honda CT 125 for $50 from a former Kelly Road graduate.
Yes, I am so much better than you.
Plus, I can cause thousands of dollars damage to company property and nary a word is said.
And my wife is closer to natural blonde hair than yours.