Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goodbye BCeSIS (sooner or later)

BCeSIS, the problem-plagued student-information system used in our province, appears to be on its way out, at least after a slow death:

Radio News Story:

I'm not sure when it is appropriate to be smug about BCeSIS, but the sustained criticism of the program from design to function to agenda was so immediate, consistent, widespread, and unified that it is quite amazing that our district and province adopted it, devoted huge funds and large chunks of our time to get it going, and supported it as long as it has. I hope the "decision-makers" take something positive away from the BCeSIS experience -- when virtually every one of your people (management/admin, operators, teachers, even parents and students), at all levels of expertise, offers salient criticism about a system, process, product, or decision that directly impacts their jobs, take the cue that you're moving backwards not forwards.

Here's some reasons why I'll be glad to say goodbye to BCeSIS:

"can't be verified" suggests I'm visiting a bad site, nice way to start or end the day!

sounds like I'm about to violate my Acceptable Use Policy... I agreed to avoid "unsafe:" uses but I'm supposed to use this web-based program??

please, a sanction sounds better than continuing to use BCeSIS... between the archaic interface, the virus-like insinuations, and the disease of use, I'm looking around for a piece of paper.

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