Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Tricky Narrative

Fall 2012 Educational Leadership Conference breakout session presentation.

Presentation Speaking Notes: Nov 14th version. I will update this to include what actually happened (shorter, more earthy) compared to what was planned (longer, more esoteric).

hmm... video links don't work when you're to cheap to buy the full version of Slideshare... here are the relevant ones: emotional dimension to math and students responding to questions about what they got out of their heritage research. Just quick responses to questions but it sets the tone for why engaging identity is key to engaging all other aspects of school-based learning. Making identity connections is they key to students finding a spark to ignite all other ties to intended and unintended curriculum, just like identity connections are the key for educators as points of attachment to formal and informal professional learning.

My full thoughts on what I took from the #elcfall2012 experience...
Conference Report: "Koolaid vs Wild Mushrooms" -

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