Friday, March 04, 2005

March 4th Blog This! links

Digital Slideshow Presentation as a pdf file
Internet bookmarks the from presentation - blogs, wikis, etc.
A movie link to the Flintstones/Winstons commercial
Please feel free to leave workshop feedback here -- what did you think of the presentation? (click on comments to leave one). Also, I'm trying to write something decent to address what I refered to as the "Mongol Phenomenon" and on the theme of digital identity -- let me know (here or by email) if you have any supportive or critical ideas on this subject.


DPTS Messenger said...

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Kimberly S. said...

It was a great workshop, and although i'm a TOC now, i'm so excited to get a temporary contract and try this idea out in an elementary school. even if its just for a month or so!

Anonymous said...

now I see it..