Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Website help needed

Students!!! Please!!! I haven't updated my website in a looooong time. I'd like to redesign the whole thing... but what should it look like? Do you have any favourite websites that have a good design I can "imitate" (I can't do flash!)? Also, what should I call the thing? Thielmann's website sounds like its all about me, but it should be more about learning, etc... more of an online community than a personal website. Comment here with your thoughts.


Oshovah said...

You can go ahead and imitate my website, although it doesn't work in the Safari browser. It uses a stylesheet that can be linked to every individual webpage. So if you want to change the look or your site, you can simply update the stylesheet (.css) file to change the whole site.

Katie said...

Hey, I think the website www.kiwibox.com has a good web design. Its really cool! Also, I think the name " Theilmanns learning central " may be quite the cool name.
- Katie

The Mexican said...

There's a lot of takes you could use for your site. The Formula One site is nice and simple; the Adventure Company Games site is cool too.